COVID-19: SARS CoV-2 testing for companies, for example crew members and passengers of cruise ships and ferries

The LADR Laboratory Group Dr. Kramer & Colleagues is represented by several laboratories in northern Germany. Therefore, we are nearby to all harbors at the Baltic or Northern sea including Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Bremen, Brunsbüttel, Bützfleth, Emden, Brake and Nordenham as well as Rostock, Lübeck, Puttgarden/Fehmarn, Wismar, Kiel, and Sassnitz. In addition, we are nearby to Hamburg airport. As one of the most modern laboratories in Germany, we have been performing daily thousands of COVID-19 PCR tests since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 PCR test can directly detect viral RNA and thus the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus even before symptoms of COVID-19 disease are present or the immune response in the body starts to form antibodies. Subsequently, the COVID-19 PCR test allows a good indication of who is infected even without having any symptoms at all. A person with positive results as well as people that were in contact with this infected person can be quarantined so that further spread of infection can be effectively prevented.

An organized sampling at a requested location

If you require COVID-19 PCR tests or antibody testing for your company, e.g. for crew members or passengers of a cruise ship, a ferry or a plane, we can arrange a mobile team of highly qualified medical persons, who can organize the nasopharyngeal swab sampling or blood collection at a location you designate.

Ready to go: The LADR portable sampling station for corona test

If you wish to take samples flexibly at your location, we can provide a portable sampling box for the corona test and screening including all the necessary sampling and shipping materials. For larger facilities, we can provide a mobile workstation trolley, which also includes a PC and printer for laboratory request forms.

LADR My Lab Result

We provide a web service that allows secure access under full data protection to corona test results. Through this LADR web service, the tested persons can directly view their corona test results online and do not have to be dependent on the report from your company.

Short Turn Around Time for test results

Working in a strong partnership with Intermed Logistics, we can quickly transport the collected samples to our laboratory and the test results will be available within 24 – 36 hours.

For any further information on COVID-19 test for your company, please contact:

Gunnar Osterloh
Field Service Manager